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Norfolk Arena Adult Hockey Leagues

Norfolk Arenas Adult Hockey League programs are a great way to get out of the house and have an exciting time.

***In order to better serve all our adult hockey members please submit a valid email address here.***

Take a look at what we offer:
35 and over leagues
50 and over leagues
Game times that start at 7:00 PM
No 11:00 PM games (unless necessary)
Computer generated Schedules
Weekly updated standings
Internet accessible schedules and standings
All teams make the play-offs
Awards for the top team

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Summer Adult League Schedule:

Thursday Night 50+ League





September 29

7 PM Freds vs Sled Dogs
8 PM Habs vs Wolves
9 PM Coyotes vs Shamrocks
10 PM Victory Lane vs Eaglebrook

Bye Eagles

October 6

7 PM Habs vs Sled Dogs
8 PM Coyotes vs Freds
9 PM Wolves vs Eaglebrook
10 PM Shamrocks vs Eagles

Bye Victory Lane

October 13

7 PM Habs vs Coyotes
8 PM Eaglebrook vs Sled Dogs
9 PM Freds vs Eagles
10 PM Victory Lane vs Wolves

Bye Shamrocks

October 20
7 PM Eaglebrook vs Coyotes
8 PM Eagles vs Habs
9 PM Sled Dogs vs Victory Lane
10 PM Shamrocks vs Freds

Bye Wolves