Freestyle Skating Old

Freestyle sessions allow more serious figure skaters a chance to practice their individual programs to music and to elevate their skills and advanced moves such as spins and jumps. All times are subject to change without notice so always check the Schedule before going to the rink.


* PLEASE NOTE: Freestyle is for figure skaters under private coach instruction it is not for public skaters!

  • Individual Session – $13.00
  • Book of 10 – $120.00

Rules of the Ice

Safe Use of Ice
  • Lutz jumps should be done in the corners.
  • Edge jumps should be done around circles.
  • Spins in the middle.
  • Traffic pattern on ice is counter-clockwise.
Skating Etiquette
  • All skaters must be kind and courteous.
  • Skaters may not kick the ice or boards.
  • Only water is permitted on the ice.
  • No food, gum or candy on the ice.
  • Skaters that bring water or kiss & cry bags onto the ice must leave them on the wall.
  • Skaters wishing to chat with each other must do so off the ice.
  • Skaters should be skating when on the ice.
Music Etiquette
  • Ensure there are no other skaters in line ahead of you before playing your music.
  • A coach may bump the line a maximum of two times in a 50-minute session.
  • As a courtesy to all, skaters may practice their routine with music a maximum of two times during a 50-minute ice session. This includes the time while in a lesson with a coach.
  • All skaters must wear a vest when practicing their routine.
  • Skaters wearing the vest have the right of way and other skaters should use caution.
Teaching Tools
  • The following are not permitted on freestyle ice:
    • No full-size hockey sticks.
    • No pucks.
    • No water bottles used as weights.
    • No hula hoops.
  • Teaching tools that are allowed:
    • Modified hockey sticks.
    • Velcro wrist weights.
    • Rubber bands.
    • Squeakers and posture vests are permitted.
  • Pole harness training
    • Permitted by a trained coach.

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